Barbara Bush, Missed But Never Forgotten

Since Sunday, all of Houston has known that former First Lady Barbara Bush was on Comfort Care. We knew that meant it was just a matter of days before this amazing woman passed.

Word came yesterday afternoon that she was gone. We've lost a treasure, not just a former First Lady.

Barbara Bush was everything I admire in a woman. She was like so many women of my mother's generation: strong, stalwart in the face of adversity, loving, kind, intelligent, and giving.

She was everything I strive to be.

Here in Houston, it was common to see George and Barbara Bush around town. They acted as if they were ordinary people, and everyone in this town, regardless of political belief, loved them. Bush sightings created excitement, and the Bushes never failed to be exactly who they were--modest, respectful, polite, and friendly--to everyone who came in contact with them.

If young girls are looking for role models, don't bother with the latest hot craze in sports and entertainment or pretend super heroes. Look to someone who really was a super hero--and a mother, grandmother, and wife. Look to Barbara Bush and all the seeds of love she sowed in her lifetime.

Takeaway Truth

Rest in peace, dear lady. You are mourned and will be missed.

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