I Want Romance Giveaway Starts Now

Starting today is the I WANT ROMANCE GIVEAWAY.

Visit the Giveaway page and click "Read More" to get the page to open with pictures of the great prizes, the Rafflecopter entry form, and more.

This is a huge event with 67 Authors participating and a slate of 8 prizes to give away, including a Kindle Fire 7 tablet, a Marc Jacobs pink leather wristlet, 4 ebook prize packs, and 2 Amazon gift cards.

As they say on commercials, but wait, there's more! Shop the Book Fair filled with amazing novels.

Choose from books in genres from contemporary romance to romantic suspense to PNR for $2.99 or less. You’ll even find a bonus giveaway so be looking for it!

Who couldn’t use a little more romance? Not to mention a pretty pink Marc Jacobs leather wristlet? Or a Kindle Fire 7? Or maybe you’ve been lusting after the newest romance bestseller on Amazon.

Enter our giveaway which begins April 2 and ends April 22, and you could be one of 8 lucky winners to add new ‘romance’ to their lives!

Sponsoring Authors

Alexia Adams • Allyson R Abbott • Amy Ruttan • Anne Stone • Aubrey Wynne • Becky Lower • Bethany-Kris • Brenda Whiteside • Brighton Walsh

Cailin Briste • Calinda B • Candace Sams • Carla Krae • Carrie Whitethorne • Cate Tayler • CB Samet • Cecy Robson • Charmaine Ross • Crystal Dawn • Donna R. Mercer • E.B. Black • Eliza Daly • Elizabeth Meyette • Elizabeth Rose • Holly Cortelyou

J. L. Lora • J.E. Parker • Jacquie Biggar • JC Andrijeski • Jen Doyle • Jennifer Dawson • Joan Reeves • Joanne Dannon • Josie Riviera • Julieann Dove

Karly Morgan • Kim Petersen • Kris Michaels • Kristin Holt • Kristy Tate • L A Cotton • Lana Campbell • Laurel Greer • Linda Carroll-Bradd • Lola Karns

Madeline Iva • Mari Carr • Marilyn Peake • Megyn Ward • Melissa Belle • Melissa McClone • Michele Barrow-Belisle • Nancy C. Weeks • Patrice Wilton • PG Forte • Renee Ann Miller • Ruth A. Casie

Sarah Williams • Shereen Vedam • Soraya Naomi • Stacey Joy Netzel • Stacy Gold • Susan Jean Ricci • Susanne Matthews • Sydney Aaliyah Michelle • Victoria Saccenti • Aileen Harkwood

Remember, shop our book fair where you can choose from books in genres from contemporary romance to romantic suspense to PNR for 2.99 or less. You’ll even find a bonus giveaway!

Takeaway Truth

This event is going to be a great one, Readers.

Enter the I WANT ROMANCE GIVEAWAY today, and Party Hearty!

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