Review: The Foreigner

After the news tonight, Darling Hubby and I decided to rent The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan. At only 99cents plus tax, it was an easy decision to try it. We had wanted to see this thriller when it was at the theater, but we never made it.

I was brain-tired but physically not tired enough so we decided a movie would help us unwind.

Since I'm beginning to write more suspense with my romance novels, I'm always interested to see how the stage is set and how the suspense/thriller storyline is developed. How character motivation drives an action thriller.

Although one might at first glance think this was a period film since bombings by the IRA are part of the plot, but it's not. It's contemporary with a believable plot involving "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland that never really go away.

Plot and Story

Although not an original vengeance story, there is a nice plot based on a "what if" political scenario. It will hold your attention and make you think. Of course, I remember as a young girl hearing about all the bloodshed associated with Northern Ireland, the IRA, and the English Army.

After I was old enough to learn the history, I understood it in an intellectual sort of way. I don't know if young people in America truly understand the historical background of this film, but that won't detract from its "watchability" to coin a word.

Starring Jackie Chan

Mr. Chan always gives a good performance, but he's especially good in this as a heartbroken, grieving father. Like the Liam Neeson character in Taken, the bad guys learn they messed with the wrong old man. Great fight scenes--smart and choreographed well. I wondered if Jackie is still doing his own stunts!

Quick Download

This was the first time we'd purchased a rental, using our new Kindle Fire TV Stick. It was so easy no instructions are needed. I think I've already told you how much we love this little gadget that is the only Plug and Play device that truly is Plug and Play.

It turns any TV into a Smart TV. We liked it so much we're giving them as birthday gifts this year. At only $29.99, that's an inexpensive gift that delights.

Takeaway Truth

So if you're looking for a solid action thriller, choose The Foreigner for your weekend entertainment.


  1. I haven't watched a Jackie Chan movie in years. This one sounds amazing. Thanks!

  2. I watched it a second time and even enjoyed it more.