Thursday3Some: Awakened by the Minotaur by Erin Moore

Grab your cup of coffee and say hello to my guest Erin Moore.

About Erin Moore

Erin writes sensuous paranormal romances set in exotic locales. Her latest book, a sexy minotaur shifter story set in Crete, is in the Thursday3Some Spotlight. Erin is a regular blogger for Marketing for Romance Writers as well as Heroes and Heartbreakers which means she is sadly neglectful of her own blog.

She lives in Atlanta with her two little paranormal beings and one unruly husband. She’s also (way too frequently) on Twitter and Facebook. Find her free short story, To Love a Shaman, at her website.

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About Awakened by the Minotaur

Lara Castille always plays it safe in both love and life. But when she arrives on vacation in Crete, she is determined to enjoy herself. Old habits die hard, though. Drawn to her tour guide, the enigmatic and sexy Teo Lambros, she cannot let down her guard—until she takes part in the ancient and sensual rites at the ruins of Knossos. She dreams of the minotaur who takes her upon the altar, and wonders if it could be Teo who brought her to ecstasy. 

A gray haze clouds Teo’s memory of the rites; he knows only that the bull has chosen him for his own. He fears that the land will once again need a sacrifice, as it did when it claimed his fiancée the year before. Though he cannot deny his need for Lara, he knows that protecting her from his desire is the only way to keep her safe. 

As the island’s magic demands everything they have, Lara and Teo must discover what’s real and what’s imagined if they’re to survive the passionate sexuality that draws them together.

When did you write Awakened by the Minotaur?

It was officially finished in March of 2014, but I started it in the summer of 2013 and worked on it on and off between then. There were a few plot issues that had to be worked out, because though I like my heroes dark, Teo was a little too dark for a while there.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

I was thinking of places that I had been that would be good for a story, and as soon as I thought of Greece, the story came to me. I had this idea that Teo, my then-unnamed hero, would become a minotaur, but he was never quite clear what happened during those dark times. Which opened up the possibility that he might have killed his ex-girlfriend.

Why do readers buy Awakened by the Minotaur?

Most readers are looking for something different in the paranormal world when they buy "Minotaur". And, while this is definitely still a paranormal, it's not a classic "shifter" novel - there are no warring clans, no different species. There is just Teo on his own, stuck with an ancient prophecy and a desire to protect Lara from it. They both have to learn to compromise before they can really see the other, and it makes for a very different type of novel.

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A little vacation can always be found between the covers of a book. Plan your weekend "getaway" by buying a book today.


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