Thursday3Some: Must Love Breeches by Angela Quarles

We all survived Labor Day. Now we need a new book to read. Visiting SlingWords today is Angela Quarles, a self-described geek girl romance writer.

About Angela Quarles

Angela's works includes Must Love Breeches, a time travel romance, and Beer & Groping in Las Vegas, a geek romantic comedy in novelette form.

Angela has a B.A. in Anthropology and International Studies with a minor in German from Emory University, and a Masters in Heritage Preservation from Georgia State University. She currently resides in a historic house in the beautiful and quirky town of Mobile, Alabama.

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Must Love Breeches

A quirky, modern American girl working at the British Museum has finally met the man of her dreams. There's one problem: he lives in another century. When a mysterious artifact strands her in pre-Victorian London, she must find a way home while navigating the pitfalls of London society, resisting her growing attraction for the hunky lord so hot he curls her toes, and ultimately having to decide when her true home lies.

When did you write Must Love Breeches?

I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo in 2010, and then spent a good portion of the intervening years revising and polishing that draft. It's the second full length novel I wrote (I've now written five, and one novelette), and it's the manuscript that landed me an agent in 2012.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

I wanted to write a time travel and was wondering who would be cool to meet if I went back in time. I’d originally conceived to go back to Jane Austen’s era, but that idea has been well-trodden. When I came across Ada Lovelace, I had my answer. Born Augusta Ada Byron, she is the only legitimate daughter of the famous poet and bad boy Lord Byron and his wife, Annabella Milbanke. I picked the year 1834 because it was the first year that Ada Byron was out, that is having her Season in public). It was after her second Season that she married her husband William King, becoming Baroness King. In 1838, her husband became the Earl of Lovelace, and so that’s why she’s commonly called Ada Lovelace.

Why do readers buy Must Love Breeches?

People have told me they love the humor and the chance to step back in time through the eyes of a modern woman, which makes it accessible. Here's what some early reviews have said already:

"A fresh, charming new voice" – New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare

"The moment I started reading this book I immediately thought of Outlander by Diana Gabaladon and Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Vierra Rigler. The concept of time travelling to one of my favourite time periods. I immediately fell in love with the concept and the plot! This book was amazing! A definite top ten contender and I can’t wait to re-read it as I breathlessly read as fast as I could to learn what would happen next." --Kiltsandswords

"Must Love Breeches by Angela Quarles is a book filled with emotions that will tug you one way and then another....This book is a dream come true for many women. What would it be like to live back then. I think that Angela Quarles captures the true essence of the time period and makes you feel a part of the story." -- Cas H.

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Takeaway Truth

You can find a little vacation between the covers of a book. Need a vacation? Buy a book today!

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  1. Hi, Joan and Angela,

    I do love romances that have humor. Your novel sounds very interesting. Time travel requires a bit of finesse. Congrats and best wishes.