Prestigious Emily Contest: Enter Now

The deadline looms for the Emily Contest, the highly regarded writing contest sponsored by the West Houston Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

This prestigious writing competition  closes on October 7th so don't delay. Click here to enter. Link will be repeated below also.

Just The Basic Facts

* Any unpublished / not under contract manuscript (provided you haven't been published/self-published in that genre in the prior 3 years) is eligible to enter.

* Only the 1st 200 entries are accepted!

* Deadline: 10/07/2014

* Entry Fee:
$20 USD (West Houston RWA Members)
$30 USD (Non-West Houston RWA Members)

* To enter:

* Questions, comments, concerns? Email: emily.contest @

What Do You Get?

* Valuable feedback from 3 trained judges. (The Emily is known for all the helpful first-round comments.)

* lowest 1st round score is dropped

* 3 finalists per category go on to the agent/editor round

* each finalist is read by an editor AND an agent (The Emily has a long history of multiple requests for finalists.)

* Best of the Best winner receives $100!

What Do You Need To Enter?

* the first 5600 words of your manuscript (I've written several posts about how to succeed in contests. You might want to read this post I wrote about contest elements. You can find the others by search the blog for "contests.")

* and what you don't need is -- a synopsis!

Categories & Judges

* Contemporary Romance – Long

Finalist Judges:
Agent – Maria Carvainis, Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.
Editor – Chelsey Emmelhainz, HarperCollins Avon

* Contemporary Romance – Short
Finalist Judges:
Agent – Mary Sue Seymour, The Seymour Agency
Editor – Brenda Chin, Belle Books / ImaJinn

* Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance
Finalist Judges:
Agent – Victoria Lowes, The Bent Agency
Editor – Robin Haseltine, Entangled Publishing

* Historical Romance
Finalist Judges:
Agent – Kimberly Lionetti, BookEnds, LLC
Editor – Sue Grimshaw, Random House

* Romantic Suspense
Finalist Judges:
Agent – Courtney Miller-Callihan, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Editor – Patience Bloom, Harlequin

* Young Adult Romance
Finalist Judges:
Agent – Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Literary Agency
Editor – Alice Jerman, Harper Teen

* New Adult Romance
Finalist Judges:
Agent – Rebecca Strauss, DeFiore And Co.
Editor – Mary-Therese Hussey, Harlequin


* Fee:
$20 USD (WHRWA Members)
$30 USD (Non-WHRWA Members)

* Click here to enter. (If you're reading and can't click, here's the link:

* Questions, comments, concerns? Email:

Takeaway Truth

This is one of the best, most reputable writing contests anywhere. Enter today.


  1. Do you do this contest every year? I just found out about it today, and I have a book that I started writing. Might try for next year if you offer this opportunity.

    1. It is an annual contest, and generally opens around the first of September every year, so you can definitely note your calendar to check at that time! Good luck with your new book!

  2. Does the manuscript have to be completed in order to enter?

    1. Hi, Kathy. No, you don't have to have it completed. "the first 5600 words of your manuscript" and "what you don't need is -- a synopsis!"

      Go for it!