Read an eBook in a Bath? Sure! Why not?

Yes, you can read an ebook while you loll in a bubble bath, float in a swimming pool, or lay on a beach with the waves tickling your toes -- all without worrying that dropping the ebook reader in the water will mean one dead electronic device.

No worries should be the motto for the new water-safe Kobo Aura H2Oicon.

Kobo Aura H2O has a waterproof and dustproof design and it has an amazing 2-month battery life. Take it anywhere. Drop it in a sink full of water or spill your martini on it. No problem. Just use the included special drying cloth to dry the screen and continue reading.

Isn't this amazing? The Kobo Aura H2O is illuminated at night. No need for a little reading light plus it's easy to read in the daytime also like most of the really good ereaders now.

Find out more about it at the Kobo webpage.

Takeaway Truth

Wow! I needed this years ago. I can't tell you how many books I ruined by dropping them in the tub while I was soaking away the day's cares and reading.

I love you, Readers of SlingWords! To prove it, I'm showing the love. Everyone who leaves a comment with their email address (write it out, don't leave as a hot link) will be entered to win the September Prize. Each comment with email gets 1 entry.

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What Do You Win?

You might want to know this. Each month the prize varies. For the September Prize Winner, if the winner resides in the Lower 48, the prize is a copy of Old Enough To Know Better along with an Old Enough to Know Better Keytag.

If the winner is outside the Continental U.S., the prize will also be the book plus another gift of commensurate value --  that can easily be delivered abroad.

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