Sell Books Or Anything Online

Are you an author looking for another point of sale? Or, maybe you have needlepoint, photographs, or other handiwork to sell. May I introduce YooOffer, another website that lets you sell something -- anything.

How It Works

When you have something to sell, think internet first. YooOffer gives you the opportunity to sell whatever you want, simply and easily. They help you create a product page to showcase your merchandise. Within 60 seconds, you can have something offered for sale.

Buyers can use the search engine on YooOffer to browse through products in real-time to see what is up for sale. If they see something they want, they can buy it instantly using PayPal.

After the transaction is complete, the seller receives an email with the buyer's contact info so that the physical product can then be mailed to the buyer. A digital purchase will be sent directly to the buyer by YooOffer. Everything is managed through your Dashboard.

YooOffer connects with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. That helps sellers promote their items for sale, and there's also a buy now button you can place on your blog or website.
Read How It Works, About YooOffer, and Terms of Service.

Takeaway Truth

As an entrepreneur -- author, artist, etc. -- the more points of sale you have, the better.

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