Kindle eBook Return Policy

If you think Amazon's Kindle Return Policy is NOT fair, here's your chance to possibly change it. There's a petition on the Internet.

I learned of it early Monday. The petition started at

Current Policy Needs Update

If this policy has bothered you, now is the time to take action and pass the word on. I know it has bothered me. If I buy software, I forfeit a refund if the package has been opened. With Kindle ebooks though, someone can buy the book and get a refund up to 7 days -- sometimes even longer -- just by asking for it.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who will buy, read, and ask for a refund then move on to the next book. Since anyone can get a free sample of an ebook -- usually 10-15% of the book -- that's more than enough of the content to tell if they'll like the book. So it's not as if they are forced to buy the book first to read and see if they like it.

Sure, there are legitimate reasons to get a refund: hit the Buy button by mistake or the book file is screwed up for some reason and doesn't display properly. Amazon should keep track of people who are racking up refunds. If they do that, then there should be something in the policy that addresses that situation.

Read and Sign the Petition To Stop Allowing Refunds on eBooks After They Have Been Read.

Takeaway Truth

I know a lot of you have griped about this. Take action now!

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