Meet Mystery Author Maryann Miller

Maryann Miller is another mystery author published by the noted hardcover press Five Star Mystery.

The Seasons Series, which debuted in 2010 with Open Season, now available for Kindle, has garnered wonderful reviews from Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, and Kirkus, as well as readers.

Publisher's Weekly said: "Miller spins a tight tale that's a cut above the average police procedural in this first of a new series introducing Dallas police detective Sarah Kingsly."

Library Journal said: "Try this debut mystery for its open treatment of current urban problems, clean prose, and realistic depiction of women working together. For readers who enjoy Robin Burcell and fans of police procedurals."

Maryann said that one reader review compared the writing to that of Lee Child, an amazing compliment as he is one of her favorite authors.

Stalking Season is the second book in the Seasons Series and features Dallas Homicide Detectives, Sarah Kingsley and Angel Johnson. Think "Lethal Weapon" with female leads. Kinsgly and Johnson are pitted against an uncanny killer while still struggling to feel like real partners. Neither wanted the pairing in the first place, and it isn't getting any better.

In this high-profile case, it isn't easy to work under the thumb of the mayor and the police commissioner, and it doesn't help that their Lieutenant has his own issues with the brass. The investigation takes the detectives inside an exclusive gentleman's club, a prestigious private school, and leads to a killer that surprises them all.

Ask for it at your local library or use the buy link above to order from Amazon.

But Wait, There's More

Maryann is on a hot streak. She also has a historical mystery Boxes For Beds. I think if you like Vegas, the TV series starring Dennis Quaid and Jason Omara, you'll like this mystery set in Arkansas in 1961 when the mob still ruled Hot Springs. In this mystery, babies are being kidnapped and the local sheriff must put this case to bed before the bosses come down from Chicago because they don't want the heat.

Newcomer Leslie Richards is definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time when she rolls into town.


As you read this, Maryann is busy on the third book in the Seasons Series, but she frequently takes time to play on stage -- literally. She's currently rehearsing for a production of "Our Town" in which she'll play Mrs. Gibbs. She's also directing the show for the community theater in her small town.

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Takeaway Truth

Discover Maryann Miller and her gripping mysteries today.

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