Book Consumer Data: A Must-Read For Authors

If you're an author, you need to know statistics about the book-buying public. I blogged with some of the statistics last month, but the report is a must-read for authors.

Bowker, the company that handles ISBN assignment among other matters, compiles such data. Fortunately, The Book Consumer in 2012: Digital Book World 2013 Presentation, published January 16, 2013, is offered free.

Sharon Lubrano of Bowker presented the report/presentation, ISBN: 978-1-941808-07-8, at Digital Book World 2013.

Download the report and you'll get information like this: "In 2012: 60% of book buyers were female. 60% were educated to degree level. A third were earning more than $75k. 51% were married, 32% had children in the household and 28% were aged 55+.

Takeaway Truth

If you are a writing professional, you need to know this information about the print and ebook consumer.

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