Hay Fever

I take allergy meds every day of my life, but this spring, my allergic reaction to the joyous world of leafing trees and multicolored wildflowers is about to do me in. My eyes look as if I've been weeping for a week, and my stuffy nose makes me feel oxygen deprived.

Two Conclusions

One, spring breezes -- which abound in Texas -- bring allergy sneezes, watering eyes, and runny noses. All of us who are tired of dreary winter are lured into the fresh spring air and end up inhaling all that pollen that's blowing through the air. From dreary winter we go to spring misery.

Takeaway Truth

Oh, the second conclusion is that you must stay the heck away from fresh air.

Until everything finishes pollinating, you'll find me trapped indoors.


  1. The pollen has been especially bad this year. I don't normally have allergy issues, but I am doing the sneezing red-eye bit, too.

  2. On the theory that misery loves company, I learned about the devastating reality of spring allergies only since I moved to New England last year. Last year and this I was undone unless I spent 24/7 within a few feet of my industrial-sized HEPA Blue Smoke ... But I found a very popular allergist that I finally saw last week, and he gave me what he called "the farmer's shot" that lasts 3 months ... And I'm not perfect, but I'M BETTER. So maybe there's hope for everyone else who responds to your post, Joan.

    You have my heartfelt commiseration!!! Hope it's over soon ...

    Cheers, Faith

  3. Maryann, it's a bad pollen season here in Texas. I'm not the only one complaining. *g*

  4. Faith Freewoman .. What is a Farmer's Shot? Never heard of that.