What Song Is That?

I'm up late this Monday night, and I realized I hadn't blogged yet so I thought I'd tell you about a great site to find music.

Do you ever watch TV and take notice of the music in some commercials? Do you find yourself humming along and snapping your fingers? Do you catch yourself doing the same at some odd time during the day because the song stays with you?

If that's you -- and it's certainly me -- you eventually start wondering, "Who's singing that?" Or, "Where can I get that music?"Have I got a great website for you today!

What Song Is In That Commercial

Yep, that's the super long name of the dot com that finds that music that's stuck in your head. There's a great Search Engine where you can enter the advertiser, the song, or the artist. Also, sign up for free, and they'll send you an email each day that shows an image from a commercial, what product is being advertised, and a link to the music used in the commercial.

The link takes you to iTunes where you can buy the song. I love my music, and I love the convenience.

I found myself searching for a song was the Target "Falling Into Fall" commercial with a rocking tune that I thought might be Clairy Browne.  To my surprise, the song was an old one called Fallin' by the late Connie Francis. I bought the song.

The Heineken commercial called, "Switch," features the song Love Letter, one of my new faves, by Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes. The commercial is on What Song Is In That Commercial, but when I clicked to buy it, I found that it's not available in the U.S. iTunes store. However, you can do a little online sleuthing and find the song elsewhere.

Takeaway Truth

There are some conveniences offered online that I really love, and this is one of them.

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