3 New Sites for Free Books

I found 3 more websites that list legally-free books.

Readers, get ready to click the mouse so you can visit and bookmark 3 more websites where you can find free ebooks listed.

Authors, you get ready to click and bookmark these sites too. Yes, you want bargains too, but you also want websites where you can list your book if you have a free book promotion running. Just follow the instructions found on the sites.


Like so many of the websites that list free ebooks, the focus is Kindle more often than not. Do not be dismayed. If an ebook is free on Kindle, it's probably free on the other platforms too. If you find a book you want, visit your favorite ebook seller and check to see if it's free there too.

If it's not free at your fave book spot, which is highly unlikely, you can always download the Kindle app for a device of your choice and get it that way.

Remember, be sure the book you want is still showing as $0.00 (free) at the ebook seller because these website owners have no control over when a book cycles off the free promotion. It's free when they list it, but it's up to you to verify that it's still free when you buy it.

On your mouse. Get set. Go!

Super Fab Books

If you're on Twitter, they are @Superfabbooks so you'll want to Follow them. They Tweet free books, giveaways, bargains, and new releases.

eBooks Habit

R.J. Adams, the guiding force behind eBooksHabit.com guest blogged this week. They send out a great email notice every day with the free books listed.

Randomize ME

I don't know how I could have failed to mention Randomize ME and their Kindle Daily Deal. Every day they list ebooks among other offerings that are free in the U.S. and also a Kindle Daily Deal in the UK.

I subscribe by email which is my preferred method of finding about all the free deals from every website I mention, but you can sign up for RSS feed of course.

Takeaway Truth

Websites that list legally-free ebooks are winners for Readers and Authors.

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