Meet eBooks Habit

This morning I'm pleased to introduce you to a free ebook site calle eBooks Habit.

Rather than listen to me tell you about it, here's R.J. Adams who runs eBooks Habit to give you an up-close and personal look at this website. Readers, you'll want to bookmark this site. Authors, you'll want to do so also because if you've got a free book to share, they want to hear from you.

Take it away, R. J.!

Hey! You probably have never heard of me, and that is fine. My name is R.J., and I help run Joan asked me to write up a little post about our site so that she could share it with you. (Thank you for the opportunity, Joan!)

We launched about a month and a half ago, and we have been providing 20-30 free ebooks a day almost every day since then. Our goal is to not only find some of the hottest free ebooks that day but to also share some of the lesser known free ebooks, that still have good rankings, with our readers as well.

What Makes Us Different

We realize we are not the only free ebooks website out there, but we try to set ourselves apart by providing a good selection of free ebooks: not too few, not too many, but just enough. Some of the other free ebook websites out there neglect nonfiction titles, but we embrace them when we find good books our readers will enjoy, and they are often the most downloaded ebooks on the days they are featured. We are also in the growing stages, so we are extremely open to reader feedback.


We want to know what types of things do you like to see in a free ebooks site? What don't you like to see? Let's get some discussion going here on Joan's comments! Authors need readers so your input is not only helpful to me, but also to some of the authors who hang around here


Are you an author who runs free promotions, whether they are temporary or on a more permanent basis? Then, all you have to do is let us know about it via our website's promo submission page! I am an author too, so I know how it goes trying to promote your books. We try to feature many of the books that are submitted to us, because we know it is hard work to have a free promotion. We would all love to be featured on PixelOfInk or eReaderNewsToday, but that isn't always possible, so all of the downloads we can get really add up help out!

Maybe a free promotion isn't part of your marketing strategy... that is okay too! Let us know if you drop the price on your book temporarily, so we can let people know they can get your book at a discounted price!

Marketing Strategy

While free ebook sites like are a good part of a marketing strategy, you need to do more if you want to take your book's promotion from good to great, and from great to excellent. The key is to think outside of the box.

Find websites that aren't necessarily focused on readers, but who would still be interested in your book. Is your main character a cowboy? Find some Western and Country blogs that may be interested and let them know when your book is going to be free.

Is your main plot about a lady and her cat? Find cat people on blogs and forums and let them know your ebook is going to be free and that it is about a lady and her cat! This type of out of the box thinking will help you to get downloads from places that most authors are not thinking of.

You can expand your reader base, with readers who are really interested in the subject you write about, just by being creative with your promotion.

In Closing

Readers: I look forward to connecting with you on here and learning about what we can do to make better.

Authors: Let me know when your book will be free or at a discounted price, so that I can help you with promoting it!

Take care, and thanks for reading about I hope to see you around!

Takeaway Truth

Visit eBooks Habit today and sign up to receive their daily notices.


  1. Hi RJ and Joan:

    Great post and I like the 'thinking outside the box' strategy. I'm hopping over to your site right now to list my still free and still doing well contemporary romance, A Family Affair.

    RJ- best wishes for much success with this venture! And Joan- thanks for another informative post!


  2. Thanks Mary! I will try hard to feature your book!

  3. These days free books seem the way to go to raise visibility. Your site sounds like a great idea!

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Nice to meet you RJ. I used free promotion a lot over the last year. One of my books just came out of free promotion, but I am saving your website link for next time. I agree with you that the more promotion and visibility a free book receives the better it fares in sales.

  5. Thanks Morgan!

    Mona: Yah, while luck definitely plays a factor, most of my sales as an author have a pretty close correlation with the amount of promotion I did.

  6. Hi Joan & RJ...great posting..popped over to post my upcoming free day on 10/25 - always looking for ways to find readers..with so many books out there it's hard to get noticed!

  7. Mary Campisi ... Thanks for visiting. I think is a good place to be.

  8. Morgan Mandel ... Hey, Morgan! Give R.J.'s site a try. I think you'll be pleased.

  9. Mona Risk... Thanks for stopping by. Try the site with your next free book.

  10. Elaine Raco... Free ebooks have really paid off for you I think. You're right about getting them listed in as many places as possible. Good luck with your new book.