Celebrate 2 New Audio Books

You know how bad things seem to occur in multiples? Well, sometimes, so do good things.

My 2 latest audio books, covers shown here, became available yesterday and today.

Nobody's Cinderella a romantic comedy that comically illustrates that old axiom, Be careful what you wish for! was released yesterday by Audible. It should be on iTunes soon.

Nicole Colburn who did the narration for Nobody's Cinderella really brings the characters and story to life. She's amazing.

This morning, Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones, a romantic comedy called "one of five great indie romance novels" by Amy Edelman of IndieReader, was released by Audible and will also be on iTunes fairly soon.

Narrated by Leah Frederick, Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones is a southern comedy disguised as a romance novel. It's funny and sexy, and Leah Frederick does an amazing job with the small town characters.

Takeaway Truth

Audio books are perfect for commuting or traveling as well as a way to make the most onerous chores pass pleasurably. Got 5 loads of laundry to fold? Read a book while you do so -- audio books make that possible.

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