Set Up A Home Weather Station

My brother who lives in Colorado set up a home weather station when he first moved to his mountain. When my darling hubby and I bought a weekend place in the Hill Country, we thought about doing the same.

This past weekend, I started researching equipment and found Weather Shack, a website that has a great education section. The website also has a Comparison Chart so you can find the kind of equipment you need as well as equipment that fits your budget.

I want to connect the Home Weather Station to my computer so I can monitor it when I'm at home in the Houston-area which means the data has to be uploaded to a website where I can view it. I haven't found exactly what I want yet, but there are a lot of websites that offer home weather station equipment so I'll keep shopping around.

If you're interested in amateur meteorology and want to set it up at home, Weather Shack or a similar website probably has what you need.

Takeaway Truth

You don't have to be a meteorologist to monitor the weather. In fact, it just migt make a great hobby for someone.

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