Funny & Weird Entertainment News

I scoured the Internet looking for entertaining news today. Okay, actually, I just opened my email and clicked on the links some friends had sent.

Anyway, here are 3 pieces of entertainment news that are funny, weird, or just mind-boggling.

Want the perfect Valentine's movie next year? Check out the latest installment in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day To Die, releasing, yep, on Valentine's Day 2013. This one's got son Jack and daughter Holly taking out the trash with papa John McClane.

Steve Jobs, Comic Book Hero. Well, I know he was a dynamic individual obviously, but a super hero? BlueWater Comics has Jobs in their Bio Comics so you can get a copy and judge for yourself. They're also bring the Google boys and even Mother Teresa to Bio Comics.

Top 10 You Tube Videos are all music videos except one, and it's the one worth seeing: Charlie Bit My Finger--Again.

Takeaway Truth

Okay. Back to work.

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