Tools of the Trade: Organization

I just finished editing Nobody’s Cinderella, another romantic comedy novel coming to an ebook store near you!

I'm waiting for the proofreader to finish.

While I wait, I’ve developed the habit—I probably should precede habit with the adjective necessary—of cleaning my office when I finish a book. If you’re guessing that I don’t do much cleaning while working on a book, you’re absolutely correct. *g*

However, my office isn’t nearly the mess it could be, and that's because of an invaluable tool I use.

Clutter Begone

You know that funny sign you see on a lot of messy desks? The one that says: A cluttered desk is a mark of genius? In my case, that's simply not true. For me, a cluttered desk is a mark of being confused and overwhelmed.

For me, an organized desk, and office, is a mark of genius—and accomplishment. Once I developed a system that did away with the clutter, I started working more effectively because I actually knew where things were when I needed them.

Best Writing Tool: Long Table

I thought I’d give you a tip about one of the best writing tools I ever bought—a long table. I’ve got one of those rectangular folding tables in my office. I can stack all the research books, printed research, character charts, pictures of my characters, notes, and a whole lot more on that table.

That way, everything is in easy reach. I don’t have to waste time hunting through file folders or piles of scattered paper for that one tiny bit of information I need now. Right now.

The added benefit is that having all the various pieces of information stacked neatly looks better. I can easily find anything because as soon as I initially get that info or make the note or print something, it goes onto the appropriate stack. Everything to do with that book is on the table.

I once used the dining table, but then if we wanted to dine on it, everything had to be moved. Plus, my dining room is seen the minute you walk through the front door. Not exactly the view I want for visitors.

Takeaway Truth

Don’t waste time by having your book research materials scattered everywhere. Get organized, and the work flows much easier.

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