Nobody's Cinderella

I'm woefully behind this week due to taking half of last week off for an out of state wedding.

I had planned to post a Christmas gift suggestion today, but I'll do that later in the week. I just hit the upload button for my new romantic comedy Nobody's Cinderella.

It should be live tomorrow on Kindle. After a good night's sleep, I'll work on uploading it to Nook, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, and the rest.

Nobody's Cinderella

Darcy Benton is plain, no-nonsense, practical, mature, sober. She's the kind of woman Chase Whitaker wants as head of accounting for his company. Not, the kind of woman he wants in his bed.

Poor Darcy! She's the oldest cliche in the world--a woman in love with her boss. She'd give anything to be the kind of woman who could captivate Chase, but she knows that she's the exact opposite of every woman Chase ever dated.

Enter Darcy's meddling, matchmaking best friend who has a makeover plan to transform Darcy into a hottie designed to attract Chase's interest. All it takes? A couple of little lies.

And a wish on a Christmas star.

Darcy should have heeded that old advice. Be careful what you wish for.

Takeaway Truth

Great Romance for Christmas. Don't delay--buy a book today!


  1. Awesome cover! I hope it gets you back in Amazon's Top 100 (a place you know well but which I've only experienced 4 days).

  2. Cheryl Bolen ... Thanks, Cheryl. It's a lot tougher to break in to those lists when there are in excess of 3,700 free books being offered right now on Kindle and heaven knows how many 99 cent books.

    Happy Holidays!