Five Star Authors For Christmas

Five Star is a division of the textbook and library edition publisher Gale/Cengage.

Many of you have probably read Five Star authors in checking out library books. What you may not know is that these talented authors also have books for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book sellers, in hardcover and ebooks.

Here are a few of these talented authors and their books for your consideration.

A Haunted Twist of Fate

Stacey Coverstone is the author of A Haunted Twist of Fate, available in hardback edition from Amazon.

Two hearts in the present are linked with two souls from the past. Is it coincidence? Or a haunted twist of fate?

The Truth Sleuth

Jacqueline Seewald is the author of The Truth Sleuth, a fast-paced, contemporary romantic mystery novel available in hardcover and large print from Amazon, Barnes and Noble Online, and various other booksellers. The novel may also be requested at your local library.

Librarian Kim Reynolds, (heroine of THE INFERNO COLLECTION and THE DROWNING POOL) is in for major shocks when her normally sedate life takes some surprisingly dangerous twists and turns. Kim finds the body of high school student Sammy Granger and becomes involved in a complex murder investigation that includes police detective Mike Gardner.

The Visionary

Pamela S Thibodeaux can also be found at Pam is the author of The Visionary, available in hardcover from Amazon.

Twins Taylor & Trevor Forrestier not only share a successful business but also the two share a childhood wrought with lies and deceit and the type of abuse that is disturbingly present in today's society. Can they be freed from the past and open to the good plan God has for their lives? Find out in The Visionary where the power of God heals the most wounded of souls.

When Danger Calls

Terry Odell can be found at her website, Romance with a Twist~~of Mystery and her blog, Terry's Place. Terry is the author of When Danger Calls, Book 1 in her Blackthorne, Inc. series, available in hard cover and e-book, from Amazon.

If someone asks single mother Frankie Castor to clear a room, she'll smile and find a vacuum cleaner. Ryan Harper uses a gun. Can they work together when their lives depend on it?

Paradise Falls

Jonnie Jacobs is the author of Paradise Falls, available in hardcover from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in March 2012.

When Grace Whittington suspects her teenage stepson of harming her missing daughter, the fault lines of a seemingly happy family begin to crack. The investigation takes a toll on all those involved, even Detective Rayna Godwin, for whom the case is frighteningly personal.

Pele's Tears

Sharon K. Garner is the author of Pele's Tears, available in regular print hardback and soon in large print hardback, both from Amazon.

A Hawaiian flower farm, a trio of bad-luck gems, a vicious note writer, a friendship that catches fire, again. A contemporary romantic suspense full of Hawaiian flowers, myth, and lore.

Takeaway Truth

The best gift for a reader is a book. Introduce one of these authors by way of a gift book.


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