Holiday Gift Tip: Deal With It

Holiday Gift Suggestion #1a: Deal With It

Let's hear it for the ladies! This gift suggestion is for women.

You guys just scroll on down unless you know of a woman who needs this. *g* Chances are you do so read on.

(FYI, both these gift suggestions today are from my Cafe Press shop The Write Way, but I won't be pushing my own products every time. I've got some neat gift ideas from other online sources so catch every post.)

I've got a sign hanging on the cupboard above my computer that says: Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. I took those words, created my own design, and placed it on a Woman's Mousepad. You'll want one of these.

No kidding! I don't know how many times I've looked at that funny sign and quit my bitching and just dealt with the situation.

When confronted with problems or situations, that's really what we need to do. Take whatever action is required and just move on.

I'm the world's worst about obsessing and stewing over a situation. So this design is exactly what I need to remind myself that life is too short to waste it on dithering. Just do it and get over it.

Holiday Gift Suggestion #1b: iWrite eBooks

For Guys (or Girls) Who Are Indie Authors

I haven't forgotten you guys. Here's a tee shirt that you'll want if you are an indie author--gee, and who isn't in today's world?

This Organic White Cotton T-shirt is a man's shirt and sizing, but I know most women wear men's tee shirts if they find a design they like.

If you're a writer, you want gifts that motivate or celebrate what you do. Everything helps to remind you that you're trying to achieve something special.

Takeaway Truth

Make sure the gift givers in your life know what you want, and do unto your writing friends by giving them something special just for writers.


  1. I have an almost over-whelming desire to buy that t-shirt and wear it to my day job. Too bad all of my money got spend on ISBN's.

  2. Hi, Olene,

    Yep. I know what you mean. I dropped a bundle on ISBNs and Copyright Registrations recently.

    I wear mine to the post office when I'm in a talkative mood. *g*

    I get asked every time and then hand them a printed card with URLs.