Temporary Internet Files

Here's a reminder about something basic that you should do as routine maintenance. You see the phrase Temporary Internet Files often if you have a computer. Do you know what they are and why it's good to delete them occasionally?


When you visit a website, certain files associated with the webpage, for example, html, audio, video, and graphic files, are automatically stored on your hard drive in a folder called Temporary Internet Files.

This storage is temporary in that you can delete them at any time without any harm resulting from your hard drive because they do not change the registry or initialization files of your computer. They’re simply a cache of the webpage’s display files stored on the user’s computer. The purpose for this is to allow the webpage to load much quicker the next time you visit.

Regain Space

Those files remain stored in that folder on your computer until you clear the cache by deleting them. They are considered a security and privacy issue only because someone with access to your computer can view that cache at any time and see where you’ve been surfing.

If you empty that folder, you regain space on your hard drive which will promptly be filled the next time you visit a webpage.

Takeaway Truth

Keep them or delete them. It’s up to you and your need for privacy.

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