3 P’s of Internet Marketing

Promotion. Publicity. Public Relations.

Those three P's are sometimes used interchangeably, but promotion is really the construction, or the building, built on the foundation of the other two. Do you know the difference between publicity and public relations?

If you have an Internet business, (And if you're a writer, you do!)then you darn well need to know the difference because then you’ll know how to drive traffic to your website. Traffic is what you want because the bigger the traffic, as in number of visitors, the better your chance for Internet success.


Publicity means free advertising. Publicity is gaining free exposure by using the services of others. For example, those who write articles for article content sites do so because they get a byline and have the opportunity to include their own URL in the article. They may be writing for free, but they hope to gain exposure for their own website and their name (their brand) in the byline. They also get a chance to post a bio which will increase the name recognition factor.

Public Relations

Public relations is promoting a product, i.e. your Internet business, your name, your book, or your brand in order to create favorable reactions or positive impressions on the minds of the public. You do this with an effective website. An effective website is one that pulls in visitors. You can ask any online marketing pro, and they’ll all tell you that the answer to pulling in visitors is content. You must have something interesting on your website that visitors need to know or want to read.

Help For Non-Writers

If you’re not a professional writer, you can have decent content anyway by purchasing articles written by good writers. Article packages are affordable, and they come in every category from Arts and Entertainment to Writing and Speaking. Chances are they have articles in categories relevant to your website. If they don’t, you can contract for specific articles to be written. You can populate the content of your website easily and within your Public Relations budget.

If you don't have a budget at all, then learn how to write concise, clean articles on subjects about which your target audience wants information. These articles or blog posts don't have to be long, but they do have to be grammatically correct, interesting, and represent good research.

Good writing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. The more visitors; the more visibility, and visibility means more public awareness. That will increase the positive effects of your other advertising and marketing efforts.

Takeaway Truth

Always think momentum. Anything you can do to increase your momentum is time, energy, and money well spent.

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