Health Update: I'm Still Here

I'm alive! I'm wading through a few hundred emails and trying to catch up on the blog. I've scheduled the How To Sell 20,000 Ebooks in 2 months and 9 days series to run next week beginning Monday.

Health Report

Thanks to antibiotics, I guess, I'm back in the desk chair. At least until I finish this and the email. I told my friends that I feel like Ray Milland in the classic movie The Lost Weekend, except I have a lost week. Wow! Am I behind on everything now.

I finally got in to see the doctor on Thursday. I think I waited too late to make the decision to go. My sore throat was of course more than an ordinary sore throat. Got a big bottle of antibiotics (Just call them horse pills since they're so fracking big I can hardly swallow them.) and instructions to take it easy until I felt better. By that time, I'd been so sick that I was more than happy to comply with that directive.

For Healthy People, Sickness Really Sucks

I've spent the last 3 days curled in a fetal position in bed since just sitting up made me nauseous. Thank goodness my husband came home from Los Angeles or I'd have starved to death I guess. Being sick, and alone, is the pits.

I hate being sick, and not just because I feel so bad. My life is a juggling act, and I'm always struggling to find time to take care of personal finance matters, domestic needs of the household, writing, and business matters as well as relationship maintenance with a husband and children and siblings. Often, one area gets short shrift due to the priorities of the other area. However, I'm usually on top of most issues -- unless I get sick.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes I think that sickness is the universe's way of telling you to take a break. Next time, I wish the universe would just send an email.

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