Dos Mojito, Bruce Campbell

The new season of Burn Notice, one of my favorite TV series, begins tonight. I love the show and its characters, especially Bruce Campbell, the rangy actor who stars as Sam Axe. Bruce is perfect in the role. Let me tell you why.

(You'll pardon me, Mr. Campbell, if I call you Bruce. Your persona is way too informal for me to address you so formally.)

When Burn Notice debuted, I loved it from the first scene. In fact, I fell in love with the personality of the show and with Sam Axe when Bruce, as the ex-Seal Sam, leaned back in his chair and told Michael Westen: "You know spies. Bunch of bitchy little girls."

That's still the best line in a series where every episode has great lines. Kudos to you writers. You know what you're doing.

No Second Bananas

What makes Burn Notice so intensely enjoyable isn't just Jeffrey Donovan who is Michael Westen, burned spy. I've liked him since he was the younger brother in The Pretender. I can't imagine anyone else playing the Westen role. The secondary characters and what they bring to the party is that same element of being the only ones who could play their respective roles.

Gabrielle Anwar is Fiona, sometimes gunrunner, and Bruce is Sam Axe. (Sharon Gless is superb also but needs to be used more. I'm waiting for a character arc where she tries to quit smoking. She would be one mean bitch, and that makes the comedy quotient high.)

Bruce Campbell Has Charisma

What I find so interesting is the considerable charm and charisma Bruce exudes. I'm often puzzled when I find myself watching one of his B films i.e. Terminal Invasion which was on a while back. No matter how campy or cheap the film, there's something about him that makes you watch.

I'd love to see him win Best Supporting Emmy for Burn Notice along with the show sweeping the awards. It deserves them all. But it seems to be a rule of thumb that the things I like best never get the awards.

Takeaway Truth

Great TV is rare. Burn Notice is great TV. Don't call me tonight. I'll be in front of the television, absorbed in the world of burned spy Michael Westen and his buddies. I plan to have a pitcher of mojitos available too.


  1. Yep. agree with everything you said.
    I follow Jeffrey on Twitter.
    I love the plotlines of BN for their giving-bad people-what-they deserve
    and am very happy to suspend disbelief as a trade-off for that satisfaction. Friendship and loyalty are emphasised, which is a good thing.
    Down here, DownUnder, BA resumes on FTA-TV with repeats, and I will watch anyhow.

  2. Ann O'Dyne, thanks for visiting. You're going to love the new season! Don't want to give any spoilers but the sequence when Fiona and Michael meet again is HOT, HOT, HOT and funny. Just like the love scenes I write. *g*

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  3. they are hot without 'love' being written into the scenes.
    a bit like the tension in Moonlighting back when B Willis had hair ...

  4. I am a huge Burn Notice junkie and have hooked Number 1 son on it, too. Great taste, Joan.

  5. Yes, I've been a fan since episode 1. Matt Nix is such a good writer/creator. I've got an upcoming post on Fiona's character too.

    I guess I like the show so much because that type of male/female relationship is kind of what I write.

    Let's all have a mojito!


  6. Over the years, I've noticed that my favorites do nothing wrong. They get characters, plots, scenery well, often have theme music that becomes a hit. (Cue "Hill Street Blues.")

    It's the voiceovers that "hook" me on Burn Notice.

    "In a fight, you have to be careful not to break the little bones in your hand on someone's face. That's why I like bathrooms... lots of hard surfaces."

    I hope I never need to know that....

  7. Yes, Harl, I've learned a lot from Burn Notice. Quite an educational program.

    Happy 4th!