Shopping Website Boo Boo

Wow! Did you hear about the 1.6 million dollar loss incurred by, a shopping website that's a sister company of Zappos?

Apparently, someone accidentally listed all its items for $49.95. Everything. Luxury items valued at thousands of dollars? $49.95. Of course, shoppers jumped on that like a bee on a honeysuckle bloom.

I told my husband about this, and his comment was hysterically funny. "Wonder if they sold golf carts?" He's been shopping for a golf cart. As if my straight-arrow, scrupulously honest husband would have taken advantage of a situation like that. He'd have been the one to email the company to point out their error.

It's easy to see how someone could have made that kind of error. Scenario: a tekkie is filling out a form and clicks "set as default."

Takeaway Truth

Always proof your work whether you're writing content or filling out a form.

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