Access Makes Life Easier

The other day I reviewed Jeffery Deaver's new book on my other blog, and, in doing so, I mentioned another of his books The Blue Nowhere which also is about computers and their implications for the way we live. The main character in that book says: "Access is everything." How very true. When it comes to diagnosing problems as quickly as possible with computers, Remote Access is everything.

At Stake

Companies that do business on the internet have a lot at stake. For that matter, anyone who maintains a website for business or promotion purposes (like writers and other artists) needs computers to be operating at peak performance. When computer systems develop problems, they need to be fixed immediately - if not sooner, as the old joke goes. How can that be achieved and how can it be done with security? Proxy Pro 7 from is the answer.

Not Your Usual Solution

Proxy Pro 7 is software that allows one computer to access (there's that word again) another computer, using the internet to achieve control of the other computer. When control or access is achieved, the technical expert can troubleshoot your problems. Files and data can be accessed, and you can use this for group projects and team collaboration as well.

What About RDP & VNC

Remote Desktop Protocol by Microsoft® and Virtual Network Computing by AT& T® are rather passe in today's solution-oriented marketplace. After all, VNC is actually open source now. Sure, these are still good for an occasional support call, but isn't it wiser to switch to a software designed to be instantly ready and also effective in increasing your productivity?

The Answer Is

Proxy Pro 7® has the security features you want since it has 256-bit encryption, the highest in its class. Dependability is paired with the professional features you want when it comes to Connection, Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, and Auditing. That's probably why thousands of professionals make the change to Proxy Pro 7. Plus, it doesn't matter whether you're running Windows, Mac, or Linux, this software will work on all.

Takeaway Truth

Make your life easier by maintaining the business solution that keeps your computer secure and solves problems quickly when they occur so there's no loss of functionality and security.

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