On The Move

I figured the way to alert all my readers, of both blogs, of why I've been absent this last week was to post this quick note on both blogs. Just in case you have been wondering where I am and what I've been doing.

We've been moving into the vacation home we bought at the golf resort on the edge of the hill country. I'd written about the process of shopping for this house. Well, we bought it and closed on it last week.

Here's a picture of some of the wildflower fields we drive past on the way to where we'll be hanging out hats every chance we get. In August, I plan to sow the fields around our house with wildflower seeds. Next spring, I want a view from the windows of a field of Indian paintbrush, bluebonnets, primroses, and black-eyed Susans.

Of course, moving our "stuff" into that house meant emptying the storage units where our excess "stuff" was hidden away. Sadly, we had enough accumulated furniture and household goods to completely furnish the house. I decided we should change our name to Pack Rat.

Last week was sorting and emptying the big storage unit. The weekend was moving furnishings and boxes, boxes, boxes to the house. Unfortunately, I seem to be left with about 20 boxes of books and papers stacked in my garage at this house.

This week is emptying the smaller unit and sorting, sorting, sorting. Some will go to the other house. Some will be blended into this house, and some will go to donations at my local youth charity thrift store.

All I can say after all this is: never again! I hereby swear not to buy anything new unless something old wears out or is given away.

Takeaway Truth

In the beginning we accumulate belongings and thrill at owning all those material goods. In the end, the material goods take over our lives and own us.


  1. Thanks, Bill. I'm a little crazy from dashing back and forth, but things will settle down soon I guess.