Those Dirty Mice

I've been complaining about my mouse lately. It seems to jump all over the place. Last night I had an A Ha! moment. Of course, it needed cleaning.

So here's a quick tip for you today. This is for those of us who eat and drink at the computer. (A seriously bad habit of which I'm guilty!) Get in the habit of regularly cleaning your mouse. It's easy. Use rubbing alcohol or window cleaner.

1. Unplug your mouse from your PC.

2. Use an old cotton rag or a tissue (not the kind with lotion). Apply the cleaner of your choice to the cloth or tissue.

3. Wipe the under side of the mouse that slides over the pad, picking up debris. If it has a roller ball underneath, pay special attention to that.

Takeaway Truth

Routine maintenance saves aggravation and time later.

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