Small Town Idiosyncrasies

Our little piece of heaven in the Texas Hill Country is a delight. Even the small town idiosyncrasies that occasionally stop us in our tracks have proved charming. Life in rural and small town America has more differences than mere population numbers.

What's Different

In the small community where our vacation home is situated and in the nearby small towns, business is conducted Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. Not on a Saturday, and absolutely not on a Sunday.

Every person in an office or a retail business smiles at you and seems pleased to assist you. When you make a purchase, the employee smiles and says: "I hope you have a wonderful day." The smile actually seems sincere and what they say sounds genuine.

Church is the big attraction on Sunday. Every church has a full parking lot, and nearby streets are lined with cars and pickups too.

Water towers are sometimes picturesque with written sentiments regarding high school loyalties.

Towns are proud of their local high school athletic teams. If a regional or state championship was won, a sign attesting to that fact will be found somewhere in the town regardless of how many years have passed since the victory.

I've always loved small towns because I grew up in one.

Takeaway Truth

A slower pace is enormously appealing when you've lived most of your adult life at warp speed.


  1. I've 'downsized' with every move. Born and raised in Los Angeles, moved to Miami, then to Orlando. Now, we're settling down in Divide, Colorado -- barely a town at all. I love setting my books in small towns, and I'm getting some wonderful up-close-and personal "research" done.

  2. Congratulations on your new home! My younger brother chucked it all a couple of years ago and moved to a mountaintop in Colorado.