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I'm of the opinion that there's no such thing as too much information when it comes to the pursuit of internet success. Success is built much like a website is built, that is, from the ground up, with your choice of webhost being the foundation. Therefore, you need the latest in web hosting news. TMI just isn't applicable when it comes to issues that affect your overhead and your ability to maintain an appealing, non-crashing website.

Not Your Father's Internet

In 20 years, we've gone from a culture where the Internet was an oddity for most people to a culture where just about everyone with a computer has a website of some sort. Gone are the simplistic websites hosted by an ISP from a tiny bit of bandwidth to dazzling sites that gobble bandwidth and entice visitors with lots of bells and whistles. Hosting is big business and is of paramount importance to the educated website owner.

For Your Consideration

Sure, gives you the latest news from the web hosting industry, but they have more than that to offer. They'll report and interpret the latest trends along with reviewing the best of the web hosting providers.

This is of primary interest to you because, like me, you probably pay a fee every year to the company that hosts your site. You need to know the different kinds of hosting options. For instance, do you know why multiple domain hosting isn't necessarily a good idea? I do. I read about it on WebHostingFan as well as an article on determining whether your web host is search engine friendly.

Takeaway Truth

Do yourself a favor and learn the basics so you'll know what you need and what it should cost.

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