3 Ways To Backup

How many times do you have to lose data because of hardware failure or accidentally delete important files like photos, data, or videos before you start backing up your valuable files?

Backing up a file or your entire hard drive couldn't be easier. What's hard is making the habit to do so. Starting today, make a commitment to keeping your files secure.

Hard Media

Use CDs, DVDs, or flash drives to backup your files. As a matter of course, when you save a file to your hard drive, save a copy to other media. I keep a flash drive next to my keyboard. Takes a few seconds to do this when I finish working with a file. Or make a procedure where you back up at the end of the day the entire My Documents if that's where you store your work.

Most computers come with some form of backup like Roxio. Of course, you can download freeware or shareware or purchase software that will do this.

Email Backup

A lot of authors attach their work in progress to an email they send themself at the end of the day. Quick and easy to do.

Online Storage

You can get online storage space to backup and save all your files. Prices range from free to expensive for lots of space with lots of bells and whistles. Carbonite is a trusted name in Online Storage. You can get a free trial before you have to pay.

Takeaway Truth

There are many options, pick one and use it. No excuses.

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