Christmas Gifts #5: Writers Love Stuff

This Holiday Gift Suggestion is for "stuff." Ah yes, "stuff" that entertains or makes life easier or just makes you smile.

Audible Gift Membership

This is so affordable and is an instant gift in case you're running out of time. Gift Memberships start at $45.00, or you can give a gift of a single audio book. (I have 7 available in case you need some suggestions. *g*)

Writer's Ornament

This ceramic ornament is available in oval or round. It's pictured on the near right sidebar. The wordage also appears on a sweatshirt in The WriteWay that has gift and promo items for writers.

Maid Service

Okay, kids, I hope you're reading the blog today. I desperately want cleaning assistance! Consider giving the woman you love at least one day of maid service. Molly Maid and other franchise companies like them are nationwide. Get a gift certificate today.

Takeaway Truth

Hurry. Only 8 shopping days until Christmas or just make this a New Year's Gift. One of these years, if I get any busier and/or slower, I'll be giving New Year's gifts rather than Christmas presents. *LOL* Happy Holidays!


  1. I hope you get your wish, Joan. I LOVE Molly Maid!!! (shhh)

  2. Joan,

    Excellent suggestions! I'm so with you and AnneMarie on the maid service!

  3. Oh, girls, I'd really love a magic fairy to come wave her feather duster at my house! I'm printing out my blog and slipping it to my hubby.