Christmas Gifts #6: Nook HD Tablet

This Holiday Gift Suggestion is a choice between the new Barnes & Noble Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets.

This holiday season B&N introduced 2 highly rated tablets for digital reading: the NOOK HD™ and NOOK HD+™. Rated as  best-in-class devices, they received glowing reviews from CNET, Engadget, and Gizmodo, and others. The NYT wrote "NOOK HD is the one to get."


Display quality is one of the most important aspects of a tablet. NOOK HD has the best screen resolution of any 7” tablet on the market. Weighing only 11.1 ounces and only 5-inches wide, NOOK HD fits in the hand, and is designed for long term reading and portability.

For those who want to read on a larger format, NOOK HD+ offers a full HD 9-inch display. Weight is 18.2 ounces, the lightest full HD tablet ever. The fully laminated display reduces glare and provides excellent viewing angles making shared viewing better.

NOOK offers NOOK Profiles so that each family member who shares the tablet can have their own age-related content while being locked out of more mature content. Both devices have long battery life and expandable memory slots.

In case you didn't know, B&N is working with Microsoft to bring more readers to NOOK Books. The new NOOK application for Windows 8 will extend the reach of Barnes & Noble’s digital bookstore by providing one of the world’s largest digital catalogs of e-Books, magazines and newspapers to hundreds of millions of Windows customers in the U.S. and internationally.

NOOK partnerships with retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart in the U.S. and John Lewis and Blackwells in the UK, are helping to grow the NOOK audience and increase the market share of NOOK ebooks.

Takeaway Truth

If you've thought about adding a NOOK device, there are special incentives so now is the time to buy.

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