Being Sick

I haven't blogged in a few days. In case you haven't figured it out -- I'm sick.

I made it through my appearance on Authors Corner Talk Show and continued working on my the book I'm publishing next week and got the Christmas tree and decorations up and bought most of the presents and made all the food gifts and ....


Sorry for the long awkward sentence, but it was too illustrate what a constant race I've been in with hardly a moment to catch my breath. Darling Hubby came down with a cold/respiratory infection on Tuesday. I kept fighting the good fight, but I finally succumbed yesterday. Now I have it: the sneezy, itchy eye, running nose, sore throat thing.

So today's quotation is from dear old Anonymous who said: "Three reasons why I hate being sick: 1. I can't smell anything 2. I can't taste anything 3. I have to keep blowing my nose!"

I'll add a #4: my throat hurts so much I can't even sleep -- which is why I'm up blogging instead of fast asleep! Stick a fork in me -- I'm done. That wise Anonymous also said: "Being sick and having a nose ring sucks!"

Takeaway Truth

All I can say is thank God I do NOT have a nose ring. I can't imagine how miserable that situation would be!


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. And glad you don't have one of those nose rings!! :) Ouch!

  2. Hey, Stacy. Still sick. That's a great big yuck. Thanks for dropping by.