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Over on Joan Slings Words, I'm starting a serialization that may be of interest to many of you. My latest online serialization project is the result of my quest for knowledge about digital publishing and ebooks. I've been immersing myself in eBook culture ever since I bought my Kindle back in the spring.

Digital publishing is exploding, and authors can benefit. If they know what to do. Everyone wants to know how to publish this way. The major writers' organizations are conducting surveys about the subject. In fact, just before I wrote this, I completed a survey from Authors Guild about eBooks.

Pay It Forward

What's the use of knowledge unless it's passed on? Every Wednesday, I'll post about eBooks, everything you always wanted, and needed, to know about eBook business, eBook readers, in other words, everything exclusively eBooks.

Let's call it Everything You Always Wanted To Know About eBooks But Didn't Know Who To Ask.

Oh, that's quite a mouthful, isn't it? I think I'll sum it up with this title, Exclusively eBooks with the uber-long title as a subtitle or tagline. Does that work for you? It does for me.

Each Wednesday you can look for a chapter about eBooks– writing, formatting, file conversion, promotion, and anything else I can discover about the subject that might help you.

I hope you'll join me next week for the first chapter of Exclusively eBooks*

*Everything you always wanted to know about eBooks but didn't know who to ask

in which I'll discuss the major eBook Retailers and/or Publishers. Perhaps I can clear away some of the confusion about eBooks and digital publishing.

Takeaway Truth

The future is bright for writers who brave this new world of publishing. Let me help you as you follow this virtual yellow brick road.


  1. Thanks - My first books were published with houses that were primarily digital-print was secondary to them. I've watched the growth of the industry and think it's got a solid future; we're only just beginning the ride.

    I've gone so far as to upload some of my back list and short stories to the major digital sites (Smashwords and The Kindle Store), and have just pre-ordered my second e-reader.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  2. Hi, Terry!

    I'll probably be asking for some input from you later about your experiences since I've kind of followed you as you've gone to pubbing with Kindle and Smashwords.

    I'm sure everyone would be interested to hear about your journey.

    Best wishes,