Judge a Book By Its Cover Contest

I'm proud to be a member of the Houston Bay Area Chapter of Romance Writers of America, sponsors of an annual contest to recognize the best in book cover design.

The 2010 Judge a Book By Its Cover contest, commonly called JABBIC, is now open and ready for submissions.

What's different about this contest is that it's open to not only those published with traditional publishers but also to authors who are with small presses, or even self-published. Yes, there's a lot of good art out there on self-published books though some think that it's still heresy to say that aloud.


JABBIC recognizes outstanding graphic design in that all-important first impression: the book cover.

Grand Prize: A full-page color ad in the April 2011 edition of Romance Writers Report, the official magazine of Romance Writers of America. The ad will feature the winners in all six categories. This is big! Full-page color ads aren't cheap, and they bring a lot of exposure to an author's book.

Winners will be announced on February 10, 2011.


The categories include:

Contemporary Series


Single Title

Romantic Suspense

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal

Sexiest Cover.

Here Come The Judge

The Judges are booksellers who know what good covers look like. This year, they are:

Borders Books

A Novel Place

Barbara's Books

Beth Anne's Book Corner

Ever After


Katy Budget Books

Jane's Paperback Swap'n'Shop

Murder One

The Island Bookstore


Romance World

Temptation, the Romance Bookstore

Rosemary's Romance Books

More Info

To find out more information, visit Houston Bay Area RWA. The left sidebar contains a box with JABBIC links. To enter, simply browse to the JABBIC site. The entry system will walk you through the process of entering your contact and book information, paying, and uploading your cover electronically.

Takeaway Truth

If you think your book has a great cover, then enter JABBIC. You just might win recognition for your book and for the artist who did the cover.

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