Natural High: Help Someone Get Published

How would you feel if your advice helped someone get published?

I'll go on record and say that next to getting your own publishing contract, there's no better feeling in the world than helping someone else be able to sign on the dotted line of a publishing contract.

I think this is why so many working writers like my friend Elaine Raco Chase end up as teachers of writing. I guess my blogs are my classroom.

Next week, I'll be publishing an interview with Elaine, a best-selling author who now teaches others how to write mass market fiction. So be sure and drop by on Tuesday for her interview.

The Giver Also Receives

For me, there's great satisfaction in knowing that I helped someone—whether it's by answering a simple question or pointing them to a source of information or helping them master a skill.

I still remember how excited I was when I made that giant leap from aspiring to published. I remember word for word what the New York editor said when she called me that January day several years ago.

Wisdom Grows From Mistakes

There's an old saying: "A rising tide floats all boats." Simply put, If you succeed, I succeed. In the long run, we all win. What's the use of experience and knowledge if not to pass it on?

I've been told I have wisdom, and I always laugh when I hear this because I've learned that wisdom comes from enduring bad experiences and learning from them. I've certainly had some bad experiences.

Takeaway Truth

You'll never live long enough to experience everything you need to know so learn from other people's bad experiences and mistakes. Then pay it forward.

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