Easy Hack to Improve Your Typing

If you're not able to type as fast and correctly as you wish, here's a simple app to improve your speed and accuracy.

My Lesson Plan on The EdClub

This is a typing club, and, yes, it is aimed at children, but it's good for anyone who wants to learn how to type fast and accurately.

Many who use computers in today's world never took a formal class in typing. This little app is perfect to help you learn to type like the wind and without errors.

You can skip the basic lessons if you wish, but the important thing is to learn the proper position of your fingers so you can type really fast without ever looking at the keyboard.

There are many different typing lesson plans so you can pick and choose what you want. The app measures your speed (WPM) and accuracy of with each exercise.


Try it. You'll be surprised by how much your typing can improve.

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