5 Tips to Care for Books

Books, books everywhere yet how many of us know the proper way to care for the physical book?

Here are 5 Tips to Guide You in Caring For Books.

1. Store books standing upright.
Storing them standing up prevents warping.

2. If storing on a book shelf, it's best to completely fill the shelf. If you don't have enough books to do this, use bookends to keep them upright..

3. A book's worst enemies are insects, heat, and humidity. Keep food and beverages away from books because crumbs attract insects such as cockroaches, silverfish, and carpet beetle larvae. If you spill something on a book, wipe it clean.

By the way, there really is a bookworm, and it's the carpet beetle larvae. 

4. Use bookmarks to hold your place in a book. Don't "dog ear" the page or lay the opened book flat. That can damage  the spine of the book.

5. Books aren't double-jointed. Never "break" a book, that is, force it open past its own natural angle.

6. The purpose of the dust jacket, the paper cover that comes on hardbacks, is to keep the book from becoming soiled and to protect it from wear and tear. So use it.

7. If you think a book might become a collectible, never dispose of the dust jacket. That makes a book instantly lose value.


Take good care of your books and teach your kids how to do that too. They'll treasure the children's books you read to them and the book will survive to be read by your children's children.


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