Review: A Cry in the Dark: Carly Moore #1 by Denise Grover Swank

Recently I read A Cry in the Dark: Carly Moore #1 by Denise Grover Swank

I had downloaded it quite some time ago, but I've had little time to read until recently. Now I'm trying to make up for lost time.

I scrolled through all the books in my digital library, saw the book in my library list, and pulled it up on my Kindle because I recognized the author's name.

I'd forgotten what the book was supposed to be about. I always look at the cover when I open a book on my Kindle. The cover looked more like a romance novel cover than a mystery.

I shrugged, opened the book, and started reading. I ended up getting little sleep that night. A Cry in the Dark is well written with interesting characters and gripping scenes of mayhem and murder.

Blurbing the Book

Caroly Moore is a woman trying to disappear, and she has the fake identity papers to make it happen. What she doesn't have is a dependable car. She ends up riding with a tow truck driver to the nearest town—an eyeblink of a small town where there's an atmosphere of danger and distrust. With a population of unique personalities, Carly fits right in.

Stuck in the Smoky Mountain town that's dying with every passing day, she nevertheless finds refuge and friendliness in many. She thinks everything is going to work out well—until she witnesses a cold-blooded murder.

After that, she has all she can do to stay alive.

Takeaway Truth

Good book with a smart heroine determined to set things right, and a logical setup for a series. If you haven't read A Cry in the Dark, put it on your "to read" list.

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