7 No Cost Ways to Strong Immune System

People look to doctors to take care of their health which is a good thing.

However, it's also a good thing to be proactive and take care of YOU so your health and immune response are as strong as can be.

In this CoVid era, a lot of attention is paid to improving one's immune response.

Here are some simple things that cost no money that you can do every single day to make sure your immune system is strong and ready to combat whatever is thrown at you.

1. Clean up your diet.

Everything starts with what you put in your body. If your diet is primarily convenience foods, i.e., fast food burgers, delivery pizza, deli foods and baked goods, there's definitely room improvement. Work toward a better diet because it's impossible to "cold turkey" the unhealthy foods and stay with the healthy veggies and proteins.

You probably know you should eat several servings of vegatables each day, drink water, cut back on sugar, etc. You've heard all of that advice a million times. Take action.

Analyze what you eat on a daily basis. Pick 1 meal to clean up. Be consistent with that meal. Then take another step. You know your own body so if you are on medication, talk to your doctor. If you're not on crucial medication, research online a healthy way of eating.

2. Move your body.

Park at the end of the parking lot not as close as you can get. Walk to the entrance. 

Instead of leaving a shopping cart where you unload it at your car, walk it back to the store.

Use methods like that to increase how much you walk. Take every opportunity to move. If it's difficult at first, keep at it. When you progress, add some other movement to it.

3. Learn to manage your stress.

We're all stressed, but some manage NOT to have emotional breakdowns, develop ulcers, or have heart attacks or strokes. Let me add, learn to manage your stress without pills. Walking is a great stress reliever. So is laughing, dancing, talking with friends—with anyone who makes you feel good.

Go hardcore and take up meditation. There are hundreds of YouTube videos that teach you how to meditate. You may find it makes you feel so good you'll want to do 5 minutes in the morning before work and again in the evening to relax.

4. Learn to manage your emotions.

Yes, you really can manage your emotions which is far better than letting your emotions manage you. 

No one makes you feel angry, sad, resentful, etc. by what they say to you. It's what you say to yourself after hearing what they say that creates those emotions.

There are thousands of books, videos, and podcasts to help you learn to manage your emotions. If you're miserable for whatever reason, you don't have to stay that way. Take action now by working on yourself. (One great YouTube channel is Fight Mediocrity.)

5. Get Vitamin D the natural way.

If you go outside for 20 minutes with the sun shining on your arms and legs, that will improve your Vitamin D conversion in your body. CoVid researchers found that low levels of Vitamin D was a risk factor for severe CoVid. Taking supplements isn't good enough.

6. Don't sleep with your cell phone.

Cell phones create an electro-magnetic field. Exposure to EMFs can interfere not just with sleep but also with your immune system, endocrine function, and the jury is still out on whether it can cause cancer or accelerate cancer.

7. Get enough sleep every night.

Turn off the TV, computers, phones, screens of every sort at least an hour before you go to bed. 

Set up a bedtime ritual where disconnecting like that is the first step. Shower or bathe. Listen to music. Relax your mind and body.

Takeaway Truth

Take charge of your health and start today. Start before you have a health event that makes you regret procrastinating.

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