Christmas Trivia: Christmas Cards

Digital Christmas cards are okay, but I like the cards one can hold in the hand.

I love displaying them, and I save them each year.

The practice of giving Christmas  cards began many years ago. People wrote special letters to family and friends.

Eventually, someone got the idea of making a card with a Christmas design. The first one was thought to have been printed in 1843 in England.

Prior to that, wood engravers made prints with religious themes, but no one produced the prints in quantity. That first printing in 1843 was 1,000 prints of a family party with the words "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You."

The printing of Christmas cards in the U.S. began in the mid-19th century by a variety store owner in Albany, New York. The American version of the card with a holiday design and greeting carried an advertisement: "Pease's Great Variety Store in the Temple of Fancy."

Carry the tradition on and send holiday cards, if only to those special people in your life. Amazon has an amazing assortment from funny to spiritual and everything in between.

Takeaway Truth

In each card, write something personal and heartfelt. Remember to write the year on the inside of the card. Maybe one day, the cards you send will be valuable collectibles for your descendants or for those who actually pay to collectr old greeting cards.

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