Thief of Souls by Cynthia Wicklund

Thief of Souls

The cover of this book attracted me because it's, frankly, hot enough to singe your fingertips. Great cover to entice readers so feel enticed. Thief of Souls is worth it, and it's on sale.

If you decry the sameness in paranormal and romance, this is the book for which you've been waiting. Author Cynthia Wicklund shocks you at the beginning as she tells the story of beautiful Nicholas Anthony--beautiful, not handsome--in the same way Lucifer was called beautiful.

Wicklund creates an anti-hero who keeps the reader off balance, worried, and filled with an awful sense of foreboding as young doctor Regina Miles falls under his seductive spell.

Without saying more, for fear of ruining the subtle escalating sense of horror, I will say only that you will find yourself so certain of the inevitability of the triumph of evil that you'll be tempted to click to the end to see if you are right. Resist the urge. You'll be glad you did. The ending, to my surprise, was immensely satisfying albeit unexpected.

Takeaway Truth

A good book is the least expensive form of entertainment. For a few dollars, you can be whisked away to another world filled with dangerous and charismatic characters where magic holds sway.


  1. Julia Indigo .. I'm sure the author appreciates that. It's a different kind of book so I hope you like it.

    Let me know if you wish. Email:

    Joan at JoanReeves dot com

    Subject line: REAL LIVE PERSON-- Thief of Souls opinion

  2. Hello Julia,

    Joan is absolutely correct; I very much appreciate you purchasing my story! Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

    Cynthia Wicklund