Houston's BBQ, Normangee, Texas

My husband and I enjoy small towns from their boasting signs at the city limits to the quaint eateries one finds. We often drive through the little town of Normangee, Texas, home of a great little diner called Houston's BBQ.

Normangee (pronounced with a soft G) has about 793 citizens. This tiny little BBQ joint--only 4 tables inside I think--has spoiled me! Now I compare every BBQ place to them, and the other places all come up short.

Best ribs. Ever. Best smoked chicken. Ever. Best sauce, and, OMG, their stuffed baked potatoes are to die for: enormous, filled with chopped brisket and a touch of their sauce, sour cream, and shredded cheddar. One is enough to feed 4 people. Absolutely delicious.

Worth The Trip

The ribs? Yes, I know they're not exactly health food, but these are worth the risk. Fall off the bone tender. A dry rub that's Mr. Houston's own secret blend of spices. Sauce that's not sweet, but tangy, with just a tiny whisper of heat.

Prices? So low as to be unbelievable. They're usually open on weekends at 11:00 and close when they run out of BBQ. In case you want to make a weekend trip to this phenomenal BBQ joint, they're located at 427 Main Street, Normangee, TX 77871. You might call 936-396-1808 and ask for their hours on the day you plan to visit because sometimes Mr. Houston takes off for the weekend.

Takeaway Truth

Arrive at Houston's BarBQ early, before they run out, and be prepared to have your taste buds delighted.

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