Friday Free Love & Giveaway

I stayed up way too late last night watching Game 6 of the World Series so I'm tired today and feeling as if I'm slogging through Cajun Country marshland. Probably got gators and crocs in the marsh too.

"Look at those snappers!"

First person to respond in Comments with the source of that quotation wins an Amazon Gift Card for one of my books.

Friday Free Love

First up is Joel Friedlander's blog The Book Designer where you'll find me today talking about my journey from print published to digital. (Beware the giant legs! Somehow, about an hour ago, the graphic that's part of my book cover for Just One Look seized center stage. *LOL* Don't know if Joel did that or some Net gremlin. Looks pretty funny.

Next is a site you'll want to bookmark. If you're an indie author, you want to be seen in as many places as possible. Grace, a reader who loves books, has a lovely project called Book Junkies Library that does just that. Get listed today.

Evan Lewis has a Forgotten Books post: Dead Dolls Don't Talk over on Davy Crocket's Almanac. I love those blast from the past book posts.

Just in time for Halloween, Suzan Harden of Wild and Wacky has Ghost Stories by Teri Thackston.

Derek Canyon of Adventures in Epublishing wrote My First Year As A Self-Publisher. Derek wrote a great book Format Your eBook for Kindle in One Hour. That's what I use every time I publish a book for Kindle.

Brenda Hiatt (Guest Starring on SlingWords in December) has updated her famous Show Me The Money report that gives real dollar amounts for publishers' advances and earn-outs. Now, she's collecting Indie Author data. Visit her website and take part in this ground-breaking statistical research.

Takeaway Truth

Read, study, learn. Do The Work.

P. S. If you haven't read Steven Pressfield's book Do the Work you need to remedy that. It's my #1 tip for today.


  1. Ok, what's the name of the Romancing the Stone sequel? It's come to me. Jewel of the Nile, and of course that's my favorite line in the movie. Or in just about any movie.

  2. Cousin Ira played by Zack Norman in Romancing the Stone.

    I'm going to have buy it on Blu-Ray soon. I've almost worn out my VHS version. *grin*

    And thanks for plugging All Hallows Read Week at Wild, Wicked & Wacky!

  3. Suzan Harden WINS!

    Bill, it was in the first movie Romancing the Stone that Cousin Ira said that to the Danny Devito character.

    Okay, Suzan, email me privately with your Amazon registered address, and I'll send you the gift card!

  4. Bill Crider ... *LOL* Try again next Friday. I'm thinking of a really good one.