Madisonville Mushroom Festival

Yes, you heard it hear first. There's a new coronary specialty on the food festival circuit: Bacon Donut Cheeseburgers.

Mike, our soon-o-be son-in-law, actually bought one. He insisted we all take a bite. I took a miniscule bite and promptly spit it out.

He ate it! I can't believe it. He ate this rather disgusting culinary invention. If you're wondering how it's made, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Want To Make This For Dinner?

Here's the recipe. Take a big glazed donut. Split it like a bagel. Throw it on the grill next to a cheese-covered beef burger patty. Slap the meat between the donut halves, and you have it!

This just proves my theory that humans will eat anything if it's fried and has sugar in the mix.

Fun day! A dozen Texas wineries represented. For $10.00 you got a commemorative glass, wood tokens to vote for the best chef (Chef Bosley with his Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta. OMG! To die for!) and best wine (Red Road Vineyards Signature Red, a soft merlot that's wonderful).

Also received 5 tickets to use for free wine tasting at any of the booths. This year they allowed you to buy bottles from the vineyards so we returned with 3 bottles of Red Road Signature Red, 1 bottle of Bubbly, an incredible white sparkling wine made in the French champagne tradition by Lone Hen Winery in College Station, and a bottle of Berry, a red sparkling wine from Lone Hen.

Of course, if wine and Donut Cheeseburgers aren't your thing, you could choose from Fried-- Twinkies, Oreos, asparagus, sweet potatoes, ribbon potatoes, pickles, Snickers, and most anything that could be battered and tossed into hot grease. The rest was pretty typical festival food.

We came home, and we all took a nap. All that fun--and wine and junk food--just exhausted us.

Takeaway Truth

If you want to spend a fun-filled Saturday, just go to one of the many fall festivals in Texas.

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