Depressed? How To Feel Better

There's a lot of doom and gloom floating around the universe. The economy sucks. Unemployment sucks. Book sales suck. Pick your favorite subject, and, chances are, it sucks too.

If you find yourself thinking all is lost, then, my friend, it's time for an attitude adjustment.

Writer Maria Robinson said, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

What You Can Do

An attitude adjustment is changing the way you look at a problem or situation. You do this by thinking differently about the situation. You consciously choose to stop thinking one way and choose to think a different way.

For most of us that means shunning the worn, rutted path of pessimism. That path is crowded because just about everyone has a pessimistic attitude. Your brain cannot hold 2 thoughts in the same moment. Use that fact to your advantage.

If you find yourself thinking, "The economy sucks, and I may lose my job." Then, tell yourself to stop it! Motivational speakers tell people to wear a rubber band around the wrist. When you realize you're thinking something detrimental, pop that rubber band. Sure, you'll have red welts around your wrist, but you'll also learn to stop self-defeating habits. Constant, repetitive thoughts--those that come to us when we're on autopilot--are just a habit.

Instead, immediately feed your brain this thought, "The economy is improving everyday, and so is my career."

Magic Happens

Something magical happens when we think empowering, optimistic thoughts. We feel better emotionally, and that means we're more capable human beings--moms, dads, employees, sons, and daughters. We're more able to roll with the punches.

Sure, you still might lose a job or a book contract or see declining book sales, but you're more able to face the situation and do something about it rather than wallow in misery.

You can't rewind time to the beginning of your employment or your writing career or your relationship, but you can start right this very minute to do things that will give you a different ending than the one you're facing today.

Change your attitude. Abandon depression. Embrace optimism. Chart a new course. Possibilities abound--if you believe they do.

Takeaway Truth



  1. I absolutely agree with your post. There is a lot of nasty stuff going on in the world today, and it may get even worse instead of better. If you act positively, the universe will reciprocate. No matter how hard things get, just remember things will work out. You'll figure out how to make it through, and you'll be a stronger person for it.

    Stay strong, even when times are tough. That's how we create the newer, stronger versions of ourselves who can deal with all that comes our way.

  2. Benjamin Andrews ... Oh, very well said! Bravo!

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves