Basic Amazon Promotion

I find I'm doing a lot on Amazon now. Once I received my Kindle and discovered how much I love it, I started learning more about the many ways an author can promote using Amazon.

I've authorized both Sling Words and Joan Slings Words to be published in Kindle editions. (Look for a blog post next week on how to do this.) I'm also working on getting some of my previously printed books and original manuscripts on Kindle too.

Using Amazon

However, I wanted to talk today about the most basic way someone can promote using Amazon, and that's with a review of a product sold on Amazon. Last month I posted about this in How To Publish Reviews On Amazon so I won't repeat the information here. However, I will encourage you to get started doing this.

With each review you post, you have an opportunity to increase name recognition and website awareness. Use the review itself to slip in a very brief promotion message, BUT make sure what you insert is organic and flows with your content. Don't be blatant and obtrusive because that marks you as someone no one wants to know. Be subtle. Then use your signature line as a promotion tool also.

Takeaway Truth

Amazon can be a tool for you. Learn how to use it.

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